The Worlds Hardest Game 2

If you didn't think The Worlds Hardest Game was hard enough, they made a sequel. Now its time to beat The Worlds Hardest Game 2! You will notice immediatly that the game plays the same way. Use the arrow keys and avoid those pesky blue circle things. I hear they are even more dangerous in this one, which stinks because small blue circles really hurt in real life. Luckily, your little red square absorbs all the pain in The Worlds Hardest Game 2. So you start on the green zone and have to move to the other green zone. Sometimes, but not all the time, the green zones are locked and you have to gather a yellow circle (think of it like a key) in order to access the famous green zones. The Worlds Hardest Game 2 has 50 new levels to play and enjoy... or frustrate the hell out of you. I can only get by level 8.


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The Worlds Hardest Game The Worlds Hardest Game
The Worlds Hardest Game is a true test of how well you can play games. This game requires patience as you move through 50 challenging levels.
Maze Of Darkness Maze Of Darkness
Maze Of Darkness requires the player to move through the dark maze and avoid the red orbs while trying to obtain the yellow orb to proceed in levels..
Golden Snitch Golden Snitch
Play Golden Snitch! Line up the entire level in gold, but be careful, you can not back track here so plan accordingly.
Reverse Mouse Reverse Mouse
Use the mouse to play this game, but you have to use it BACKWARDS! Thats right, the levels look easy but you have to use your mouse in reverse.
Robot Maze Game Robot Maze Game
Enjoy the Robot Maze Game. Use the arrow keys to move through the maze and collect items to help aid your way through to victory!

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